What’s your cause?  Is it to get rid the world of plastic water bottles?  To come up with the next coolest electric car?  Here at Bisoufoods, we're on a mission to make this world a healthier place.  

Life has taken us to all sorts of wonderful places around the world where we've experienced different ways of living and enjoying food, before bringing us to Detroit, which we now call home.  Our globe-trotting taught us the importance of healthy eating in everyone’s lives to not only prevent chronic diseases, but to reach our maximum potential – and to feel great.   

We’re passionate about making wholesome indulgences with inspirational kindness.  We think one of the best things you can do for your health is to cook your own food from scratch, but we understand that's harder than it sounds, and time-consuming to boot.  We’re in love with every brand we create, so we give them a bisou – a kiss!  At Bisoufoods, we offer premium products, prepared with the finest ingredients, for the most health conscious individuals.  We care. Deeply.


 We work with local artists to paint, draw, design… well, to create a beautiful and surprising meeting place between design and food. We want our packaging to bring beauty into your everyday life, to inspire you to eat healthy and to complete your sensorial experience.



We’re a Detroit-based company: We strive to make this city an even better place to be. At Bisou Foods, we want to contribute to the solution:  That's why we're proud to donate 100% of our proceeds to our many charity partners to work towards a healthier life and community together. 

So we thank YOU for being part of our journey! 



 Nature has been kind to us, so we always strive to be kind in everything we do.  We try to package our products with the most environmentally sound solutions.  We’re always searching for ways to be kind to our environment and we’ll continue to adopt new sustainable technologies.